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Outrlimits art studio front Gallery area

Welcome to a true gem on long island. A working art studio that offers its charm for private party rentaals as well as an open studio paint jam every wed. 7 pm to midnight. We offer Kava kava , an assortment of teas and juices in a relaxing converted warehouse.   a Non alcoholic Lounge. We have an Art bar to satisfy any creative urge..come in and shop the gallery of local artists work as well as other intresting items. check us out on fb_outrlimits art studio intagram oas219.


Outrlimits Art Studio is a place for all ages. It is a wonderful place to learn and create. Outrlimits Art Studio has been in Franklin Square for 25 years. We have now decided to open to the public. Sharing the creative process with the community.  Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities. Art is a great way to express yourself and relax.   

Feel free to Swing by and enjoy and a cup of kava.  The drink of the South Pacific!

What is Kava ?

 The Kava kava plant, Kava or kava-kava (Piper methysticum) (Piper: Latin for "pepper", methysticum: (Latinized) Greek for "intoxicating")

The plant itself is a strong, very hardy, fast-growing variety with multiple light to dark green stems covered with raised dark spots.  Winter describes a hula prayer for inspiration which contains the line, He ‘ike pū ‘awa hiwa. Pukui and Elbert translated this as "a knowledge from kava offerings". Winter explains that ‘awa, especially of the Hiwa variety, was offered to hula deities in return for knowledge and inspiration. [pg. 34, Hawaiian 'Awa, Views of an Ethnobotanical Treasure, 2006].

Kava is consumed in various ways throughout the Pacific Ocean cultures of Polynesia, Vanuatu, Melanesia and some parts of Micronesia and Australia. Traditionally, it is prepared by either chewing, grinding or pounding the roots of the kava plant.

         It was noted In August 2007 American Family Physician, the journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians, published an article on “Herbal and Dietary Supplements for Treatment of Anxiety Disorders.” Short-term use of kava is recommended for patients with mild to moderate anxiety disorders who are not using alcohol or taking other medicines

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